Welcome to My-Appliances.com. We will be providing insight to a number of products that are used in the home. This includes pricing, installation (where applicable) and purchasing considerations.


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An example of  our first “How To,” discussing Led Rope Lighting on our My Blog. We would welcome any feedback , suggestions or questions you may have by writing to Info@my-appliances.com. We have since followed this up with an extensive discussion of Solar for your home.

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We are an Associate Marketing organization for Amazon.com. While you’re on any of the Amazon web sites, feel free to investigate any other items that may be of interest. To do this, simply click on any Amazon logo and you will be connected to the Amazon.com web site. In addition, feel free to set up an Amazon account in that country.

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Please check back with us as we are adding new products virtually every day. We welcome your feedback, suggestions, and comments. Email us at info@my-appliances.com.

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